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Shop Like A Pro – Learn From Personal Shopper

style anksimageSales are everywhere, whether you are in India or outside. And to take full advantage of these awesome sales, try my simple tips from a personal shopper and you’ll be able to wrestle some great bargains.
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What Is Personal Shopper?

style anksimagePersonal Shopper service at Anks Image is a custom service to help individuals shop better. Our personal shopper expert can help you understand your personal style, list out what to buy (what your wardrobe needs), shop at the right stores, and all in all, save you more money.
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3 Differences Between Proactive Shopper And Reactive Shopper

You’re walking around the mall. You see the latest boots on sale at your favorite store. What is your reaction?

If you’re happy dancing and busting your brain cells to calculate how many things you have to give up once you buy those delectable pair of boots, you’re a reactive shopper.
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What Not To Do At Sales

Sales are precious. The prospect of buying a high-priced product at a fraction of its original price attracts you so much that you’re more likely to stop thinking and simply splurge on the sale goodies. So I’ve come up with 2 simple things NOT to do at sales, whether the sale is at Gucci, or Mango, or your neighborhood departmental store.

Look at the quality, NOT the price
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6 Simple Money Saving Shopping Tips


Whether you are shopping on a budget or following the fashion trends, it never hurts to arm yourself with some money saving tips. So Anks Image has compiled the following shopping tips guaranteed to help you dress smarter while saving money.

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