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7 Easy Makeover Tips

easy makeover tips anksimageCheck out these affordable and practical and super easy makeover tips you can try at home. Add these to your normal routine and feel better with flawless skin and gorgeous hair. Give yourself a makeover to live it up.
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6 Image Makeover Tips To Revamp Yourself

makeover anksimage“Makeover” can mean something as simple as changing one’s look to quite an elaborate affair of changing one’s outlook. In this post, let me share 6 image makeover tips without getting too technical about it..
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Mrs.FunnyBones – An Image Makeover Example

image-makeoverYou try to be at your best every day so that people see the best of you. But sometimes your “best” can be misunderstood by others, leaving you struggling with a bad image and in need of an image makeover. Here’s an example..
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What is Image Makeover?

makeover anksimageWhen you type “image makeover” into Google, you get a bunch of “before” and “after” images of people showing how a little of shopping, hair styling and makeup can make one look from “huh..” to “wow!” But is “image makeover” limited to making changes to the way you look?
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4 Ways To Boost Confidence

makeover anksimageConfidence is quite tricky to fake. Read on to find ways to boost confidence, or you can just fake it. The best way to demonstrate confidence, even if you are not really feeling so, is by smiling. Read more

Keep A Check On Your Online Image

Whenever I get some time, I “Google” my name to see what’s listed for me. Whatever is out there is basically my online reputation, something that my prospective clients would research before hiring me as a consultant. And for the same reason, I often “Google” my company’s name – Anks Image – as well.

Where does my name (or my company’s name) show up?
Are the search results even remotely related to any spam sites?
How old is the information listed in these links?
And heaven forbid, is there any negative comment or information about me (or my company) listed in these links?
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