Style For The Indian Woman – Part 1

style anksimageMost Indian women I have come across are curvy and voluptuous. And if you’re not one of them, a saree will automatically make you curvy and voluptuous. Here’s my advice on how to style Indian woman..
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Top 20 Ways To Look Fat

style anksimageOver the years, I’ve compiled the different types of mistakes people (and sometimes I myself) make while dressing for any occasion, and end up looking really fat. In order to stop you from making these mistakes, read these top 20 ways to look fat and STOP using them, if you are doing so right now.
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Style For Men – How To Look Great

style anksimageDid you know there are actually 16 (yes, S.I.X.T.E.E.N… eep!!) types of collar in Mens wear? Sounds intimidating, doesn’t it? I never knew it until last week when another stylist told me about it. I found it really amazing! Read more

3 Essentials To Look Great At Any Age

style anksimageAs we age, there are many changes happening in our bodies. And because of these changes, our looks, physical appearance, can also change. So here are the 3 essentials you need to keep in mind to look great at any age:
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Body Shape Analysis – Men

my opinion anksimageWhen it comes to men, particularly men who spend a great deal of their lives inside the office, it becomes essential to pick the right outfit to last comfortably throughout the day PLUS create a good impression when they meet someone else.
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What Is Body Shape Analysis?

being fit anksimageBody Shape Analysis is one of the techniques I use, as a personal stylist, to find the clothes that will fit you right according to the shape of your body. Read more