Beat Stress, Lose Weight, Get Fit – Add Yoga to Your Lifestyle

weight lossYoga is simple – you should try it. Basically, it’s about holding your body in different positions and breathing accordingly – the breathing and the stretching of your muscles and internal organs benefit you to lose (or gain) weight, force yourself to relax, rid yourself from certain diseases and all in all, stay fit, both physically and mentally.

Nowadays with even celebrities doing a full time job of spreading yoga awareness, I guess everyone knows how good yoga can be in their lives. I won’t repeat the same things over and over again, but would like to emphasize how Anks Image can help you adding yoga to your lifestyle.

Like any other workout style, there are different levels to Yoga – beginner, intermediate and advanced. At Anks Image, we concentrate on mostly the beginner-level Yoga routines and a little of the intermediate-level Yoga with no advanced-level routines. The reason being most of our clients belong to the beginner level, which means they have had little or no previous experience with Yoga before coming to Anks Image. With our routines, some clients do reach the intermediate level. Advanced level in Yoga includes complex positions or “asanas”, and if you do these positions without proper supervision, you are likely to suffer from minor injuries like sprains, etc. However, we will happily recommend certified Yoga Gurus to train you at the Advanced level. Based on our experience, clients are more happy to stick to the beginner-level routines because those are more fun and simple, and clients are less likely to sustain any kind of injuries even without any kind of supervision. With minimal or no supervision required, clients can continue to do these routines even after the completion of the Anks Image program.

At Anks Image, we understand clients are more happy to have one-to-one Yoga sessions rather than group sessions, and that’s exactly what we offer. However, if you are coming in with your friends and/or family, we can schedule group sessions, as per your convenience and comfort level. We start with a health review on you – understanding your medical history, your prescription drugs, your body type, your restrictions (if any), etc. At this point, you can also consult with your own physician to secure his confirmation to start our Yoga routines.

Your Anks Image Consultant will review your goals and health review with you, and draft a Yoga program with you, which will include the schedule and the specific Yoga routines. With your acceptance, your Consultant will begin your program at a mutually agreed location. Your Consultant will recommend the kind of clothes and accessories you need for these sessions. If you need, Anks Image will provide the same for you – free, brand new and yours to keep.

Moreover, you can keep your stuff with your Consultant – you don’t need to carry around your stuff with you at all, or care about its maintenance. During your sessions, your Consultant will show you the correct posture and breathing patterns, and will be focused on you. Sessions usually last an hour but as expected, the first session is always longer since you and your Consultant will be doing the program for the first time.

At the end of each session, you will be instructed on your food and water intake. In case of weight (loss or gain) programs, your Consultant will monitor your food and water intake, and maintain your food diary. Regular health reviews will be conducted to monitor your progress, and you will be spend an hour each week with your Consultant to go over your progress report.

Anks Image takes care of its clients, and we are always on the lookout for any suggestions to make your experience with us even better. So please send in your comments, suggestions and complains to

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