Color Analysis – Do It Yourself with 4 Simple Steps


color-analysisYou can always hire a color consultant to get your color analysis done. But here’s some good news for you – you can do color analysis all by yourself. Yes, do-it-yourself DIY color analysis is possible.

Well, your results might not be as accurate or detailed as those of a color consultant, but you will at least understand how to figure out some basic colors for yourself.

So let’s get started! Use the following 4 simple steps for DIY color analysis:

Step 1: Stand in natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight is a combination of all colors in the visible spectrum, so you can easily observe the effects of different colors on your skin under natural sunlight.

Step 2: Keep your background neutral.

The walls and surroundings of the place where you are conducting your DIY color analysis should be of neutral color, like steel, grey, etc.

Step 3: Avoid makeup or colored eye lenses.

Makeup masks your skin while colored eye lenses covers your actual eye color, so you will get wrong DIY color analysis results.

Step 4: Interpret your results accurately.

Hold a particular color fabric, like a t-shirt, etc. from your wardrobe, around your neck, and observe your face. The wrong colors will highlight your flaws like fine lines, wrinkles, dull skin, discolored teeth, etc.

It’s quite the opposite effect for the ones that suit you. Your skin will glow. Your hair will look more bouncy and vibrant. And your eyes will look more perky and full of life.

Make a note of these right and wrong shades. With this DIY color analysis, you can choose your clothes, accessories and makeup. It can also help you choose the right hair color for a brand new look. And of course, you are free to experiment with colors any way you like.

If you are not too sure about your findings from your DIY color analysis, or need a more extensive color analysis, contact the Anks Image color consultant. Remember, the first consultation is always free!

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