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logoCorporate image consultancy is the newest business process in the commercial world today. Companies, small and big, are making sure to cut costs, increase productivity and improve their image to the customers to ensure profitability. Even banks rely on this business image before making any decision on whether to approve your business loan application or not.

So what is your business image?

Your Business Image is the Personal Images of you and your employees combined. Plus it wouldn’t hurt if you have a great product or service to back up your business :)

Meaning, how you and your employees look and behave with your customers is very essential in making sure your product or service gets the attention it deserves.

For example, if your product/service is all about getting rid of acne problems and you (or your leading sales person) come up with a bout of acne (or even have acne scars from your previous bout), customers will be less inclined to listen to what you have to say about your product/service. It is a genuine reaction and you will not be able to blame anyone else.

However, when your lead sales person has a glowing flawless skin (maybe with the help of some make-up) and advocate the lightening effects of your product/service to a acne-prone customer, you are bound to achieve more success in making a sale.

Similarly, dealing with an irate customer at the end of the day can be tough on your employee. However, if your employee is specially trained for such situations, you will be blessed with a returning customer.

Let Anks Image Work For YOU

Conducting business in disheveled clothes and messy hair-do is a well-known blunder. One of the popular mistakes I have seen is how to communicate with your male vs. female customers. Males and females rarely react the same way to the things around them, but somehow there are sales people who tend to treat males and females the same way and end up with no sale at all. Obviously, there are other blunders that your business should avoid to make profits.

Anks Image can review and work on the personal images of you and your employees to boost up the business image. Anks Image has an entire segment of workforce dedicated to boost your business in terms of cutting costs, increasing productivity in your employees (through workshops to polish business skills) and streamlining your business processes to guarantee higher ROI (return on investment).

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