8 Best Tips to look Young and Fresh Always

anks image otherOn popular demand, Anks Image has assembled the 8 best tips to look young and fresh always. These tips apply to everyone, females and males, of any age to look smart everyday. So here goes:

Tip# 1 – Get a new haircut, which suits your face shape as well as body type. A suitable haircut will keep you fashionable and in touch with the changing trends of the season. Ideally speaking, one should update her/his haircut every few years.

Tip# 2 – Change your wardrobe every year. It does not necessarily mean you throw away your existing clothes. You should not give up your style, but you should try to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Always wear clothes that fit you. Pay a couple of bucks extra to get your clothes custom fitted. Wear fitted undergarments to fit your body better. The better the fit, the better you will look.

Tip# 3 – Start a regular skin care routine. Figure out your skin type and plan a routine to keep your skin radiant everyday. Have regular facials at home or salon. A good facial cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes your face and neck area, plus adds necessary nutrients to your skin. Use a body scrub every week to remove dead layers of skin and reveal glowing skin. Keep your hands and feet looking young with regular manicures and pedicures, preferably every fortnight. And use lots of sunscreen every day.

Tip# 4 – Visit your dentist to clean and whiten your teeth every six months. A healthy-looking smile takes years off your appearance.

Tip# 5 – Mind what you eat and drink. Eat healthy foods. Don’t go hungry. Avoid sodas and junk food. Lower your salt and red meat intake. And drink lots of water to flush out the toxins in your body and keep your skin hydrated.

Tip# 6 – Wear colors according to your age. Consult with a Color Consultant to find out which colors match your personality, age and physical attributes.

Tip# 7 – Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. At least sleep for 7-8 hours every night to rejuvenate yourself and look refreshed every day.

Tip# 8 – Think happy thoughts to discourage frown lines in your face. Laugh at jokes. And teach yourself to smile more to feel younger.

Extra Tip for Women – Avoid shimmer in your make-up. It will get into the creases and highlight any lines you might have in your face. Use a lip liner to make your lips more fuller and a eye liner to give your eyes more definition.

Follow these tips to look young and fresh every day.

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