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Dedicated to Women who want to Balance Family and Career, and Enjoy the Life She Wants!

Ready for Change?

How do you feel, when you wake up in the morning? Tired? Worried? Maybe even overwhelmed?

If you are ready for change in your life right now, you should definitely try image consulting to lead a happier life. From tips on how to look young and fresh always to image makeover tips, with even advice on how to start your own business and manage it successfully, Anks Image is your ultimate destination for image consulting in India.

Our founder and image consultant, Ankitaa, will be happy to assist and guide you to achieve the goals in your personal, professional and/or social life. With over a decade-long experience in image consulting, Ankitaa can help you increase your confidence, beat stress and understand yourself better with simple tips and solutions.

So are you ready for change? Contact us now to get started, and browse our website to view what all we have to offer as your image consulting guide.

Read what our Clients are Saying..

  • "I always wore silver.. till Ankitaa did my color analysis and totally changed my appearance. She recommended gold and I've never looked better!" - Alyssa (Florida, USA)
  • "Ankitaa did my colour analysis and style review. She even did a professional photoshoot for me. She's a great listener and always has wonderful tips and advice." - Aditi (New Delhi, India)
  • "I'm in my 40s and recently divorced. Ankitaa did a complete makeover and gave me the confidence to join the real world after a really dark period of my life." - Kenneth (Wisconsin, USA)
  • "Ankitaa was an excellent business development manager who helped us through many fundraising events, plus she launched several digital campaigns for an image makeover." - NGO Khushii (New Delhi, India)
  • "My parents wanted me to get married but I was not ready. After working with Ankitaa on my conversation skills and a few changes to my appearance, I was ready to meet girls." - Vikas (Haryana, India)
  • "Ankitaa has proved her worth as a dedicated Image Consultant, always willing to go that extra mile. She is a pleasure to work with. I wish her all the success!" - Sangeeta (New Delhi, India)

Ready for Change?
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